28 juin 2008

realXtend version 0.3

realXtend vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (0.3) à la fois côté serveur et côté client. Les modifications et améliorations portent surtout sur la gestion et la personnalisation de l'avatar. En particulier, le générateur d'avatar est maintenant plus convivial et plus riche en possibilités.

Voici la liste des principaux changements apportés par la version 0.3 (source realXtend) :

- Avatar generator integrated to the viewer
- New avatar generator interface
- Inverse kinematics for avatars
- Skype plugin
- Address bar
- Action icon system
- Optional Ogre renderer object selection mode (hold down Z key to use)
- Attachments now have proper names
- New avatars (Jack, Kate, Roboto)
- New attachments
- Animated avatar meshes now require an xml file that contains specifications for the animations & appearance controls the avatar contains
- Avatar attachments may now be attached to the avatar itself, not just to a specific bone
- Avatar attachments may now be rotated / scaled in the attachment tool
- Avatar attachments may now be skeletally animated, provided they share the skeleton with the avatar or that the animations have same names as the avatar's animations
- Physically simulated clothes for avatars
- Body morph controls for avatars
- Selectable walk style for avatars
- Ogre avatar animations can be used in gestures
- Maximum prim size increased to 128x128x128
- Maximum hollowness of prims increased to 99%
- Destination world address is sent to Authentication server when logging in so that it can verify one is logging into the right world
- Disabled renderer toggle in Second Life mode (because in SL mode Ogre renders an empty world)
- Fixed few rare crash bugs
- Fixed crash if server does not send Capabilities response on login
- Fixed bug with local avatar loading when Windows username contains non-ASCII characters

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